Tangerine memory pool

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This experiment was shown at the Research Sharing In February at UAL.

As I mentioned in the Research Sharing Methodology post, I left a questionnaire for the audience to fill out.

One particular comment left from J.D. grabbed my attention:

What I find interesting with this feedback is the relation between the object and the viewer's memory. 

For instance J.D. found the experiment attractive because it made him feel a strong linkage with his childhood remembering his fireplace and moreover the famous cartoon. 

What the viewer specifically recalled is secondary to me - I am fascinated by the ability of a light effect to trigger contemplation and memories.

As another comment below from J.C.

We all have a different past and different perceptions, this is the magic and the power of the world. 

Photography by Gabriella Martinez

As in the aluminium pipe experiment (link below) the light effect takes the colour of the metal pipe, in this case copper. This is a very interesting and delicate quality of working with light and metal. 

During the work in progress show in 2018 I showed a similar experiment using a copper pipe with the same dimensions.

The difference is that the copper pipe was hanged on the wall vertically and the light projected onto a circular rotating platform with a layer of white sand on top of it. 

During the Research Sharing I took the platform and the sand away because with the sand inviting interaction, I wanted to test the light effect on its own without other complementary elements. 

(I used the sand for another experiment: "desert geometry". (Link below)

Photography by Gabriella Martinez


From my point of view, the most powerful element of this experience is colour related with the form.

Unfortunately, photographing light experiences is not always easy as some details can be lost. In this case the soft and silky gradient of the external undefined circle is very fascinating

There are no boundaries, either on the outer line or at the centre. 

I can imagine this experiment with multiple similar pipes projected onto a wall in a space with different frequencies of intensity maybe interacting with music. 

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