Silent Sonorous

Aggiornato il: 30 giu 2019

"Silent Sonorous" was shown at the Research Sharing and Work in progress Show in February 2018.

The work creates a clear static visual effect, with a three dimensional appearance.

It is an ethereal image, intangible and sacred suggesting a metaphor of an image suspended between life and death.

Some viewers commented this piece being reminiscent of a silent spirit.

The light effect was composed by three LEDs bounced off a highly polished piece of curved and inclinated stainless steel.

The light reflected creates a shape like a diamond, with clear and defined lines.

The softer light effect above it consists of three circles overlapping that closes the composition.

The beauty of this piece is the complexity of a light effect from a apparently simple metal piece.

Photography by Gabriella Martinez

Photography by Gabriella Martinez

Rotating the three Leds the light effect shifts in different combinations. The above image could be seen as a entity wearing a mantle in a meditative state.

Photography by Gabriella Martinez

The light effect projected, unfolds our perception into images, memory, thought, feelings, dreams letting the subconscious ascend to the so called reality.

Studying the inclination:


I feel that this piece is a silent creature, composed by photons bounced from metal atoms reflecting a suspended moment which can lead you to a higher contemplation.

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