String tensions

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testing string tension and pulley with metal brass sheet



- MDF 6 mm, copper sheet 4cm x 13 cm

Light source:

- 47698 - All LED 16mm Dia. 1 Watt IP44 LED Marker Light (Warm White - White Finish)

- 47713 - All LED 1-3 x 1w LED Driver (350mA Constant Current)

Dimensions: overall 60 cm x 35 cm

Surrounding parameters: Studio

Manual control of sheet metal undulation movement using pulleys and string

The challenge is to test a manual mechanism where the elements are not just on the x plane but the metal sheet is also positioned on the x plane. Therefore, the object has got its pulley system on the flat plane but the metal has its movement on the z plane.

Question over where to position the lighting source

To gain the 3D “flowing fabric” effect light source must be positioned a distance away at a height and angle that the sheet metal can project downwards in an extended golden wave


Aspects to be studied further:

- Understanding how the dimensions and the movement affect the aesthetic of the light effect.

- I would like to achieve a clean movement with pulley and pull, whether it will be on the wall or on the floor.

- The effect is proportionally too small when compared to the surface area that the overall object is taking up, and the effect is also quite hidden behind the metal sheet. More study on the light source position should be done.

- consider whether or not to introduce a motorised motion

#pulley #brass #tensions #wires #installation #lightinstallation

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