Testing oscillating motion

I always been fascinated by rotatory motions, it gives the perception of a never ending story.

Oscillating movement involves any part that moves back and forth along an arc.

Below is a elementary diagram of what it involves.

Oscillation movement

This motion gives me the opportunity to test the lifting motion.

This experiment shows a rotatory motor, in this case "MONODEAL Motorized Turntable Display”, two laser cut acrylic arms, a playwood circle shape with a copper sheet on top and a source of light shining onto it.

"MONODEAL Motorized Turntable Display”

Being an experimental prototype I wanted to tested the movement, however the source of light should be embedded in the white playwood circle underneath the copper sheet.

The quality of the experiment is its potentials.

At the beginning I have used a copper sheet to represent the natural phenomena of sunrise however it can be used brass, aluminium, zinc and other materials that have the characteristic of reflection.


The "MONODEAL Motorized Turntable Display” gives the opportunity to have a very slow movement, however it could be interesting to test another rotatory motor which is slower then this, that you cannot perceive even the movement. In this case the experience wouldn't be the subject of the space but it would be perceived on the background almost as a coincidence, imperceptible, silence but remarkable.

With regards to this topic, having the experience as a main subject as opposite to having them in the background camouflaged within the space is an important topic to discuss.

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