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Triangle experiment was conceptualised by accident during moving material in the process of preparing the Research Sharing event. There wasn't a real aim and a real process on this experiment, just the intuition and the concept of improvisation in creating and experimenting.

What fascinated me is the clear and defined geometrical shape as opposed to the two ethereal and soft halos below.

It is an isosceles triangle shape, this is the result of the inclination of the profile to the wall and the distance of the source of light at the end of it (approx. 1m).

The light source is simply a torch positioned at the base of the L metal profile pointed upwards.

The third halo which has the biggest radius is produced by the lens on the torch and shaped by the L profile.

Experiment n°3

30x30x2 mm L aluminium profile

Light effect close up

Outcome and potentials:

It is a static object, a stationery light effect.

To improve the potential of it, it could be interesting to add a movement to emphasise the dichotomy between the delineation and the softness. Triangle is one of the three basic forms with the possibility that I could combine them in modular frameworks to generate a structured composition and potentially add a moving sequence onto them.

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