Vibration motor

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Testing two different types of vibration motors related to light 


- Aluminium sheets 0.9mm thick

- Aluminium sticks

- Tape

- Wires

- Torch

- Vibrator motors :

1. 2mm Mini Vibrating Disk Motor

2. Vibration Motor Capsule

1. 2.

I wanted to test something playful having in my mind an hypothetical immersive ArtLight installation, reflective surfaces on the floor vibrating with different sequences projected onto light and reflected on the space. 

First, I tested the vibrator motor no.1 which is very delicate as it is very difficult to wire it up as the 2 wires are very small, consequentially you need to have a very good soldering kit. 

I positioned the aluminium circular shape with the motor underneath. 

I added the 4 legs, so the upper disk was suspended on "shocks" enabling maximum motion.

Being able to program the vibrator motor is very useful as you can change the speed of it thus the intensity of the vibration. 

Here is the code where parameters can be modified. 

vibration motor code for Arduino

1. Testin motor intensity

2. Testing motor intensity

Secondly, I wanted to test also the vibration motor no. 2 (Mechanical Noise of 50 dB(A) MaxRotation can be CW or CCW)

Light effect resulting on positioning a source of light almost perpendicular to the aluminium sheet:

2. Light source positioned adjacent to the aluminium sheet


One element that I didn't consider was that for each vibration motor I needed an Arduino, or at least one per group of vibration intensity.

I still imagine a space where all these elements with the appearance of lotus leaves are floating together creating a immersive atmosphere. 

The sound of the vibration motor reminds me of this cricket's sound. It is very interesting how, although nowadays, my work is related to technology and artificial light, the linkage between that and the nature is always vivid and important.

Useful shops:

Aluminium sheet

vibration motors no.1

vibration motors no.2

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